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Your Eye Health

There is plenty of information you need to know about eye health, and we don’t want it to get overwhelming. To simplify things for our patients, Kessler Eye Care has offers you our Eye Health Library, a comprehensive source of information about vision and eye health. Dr. Joseph Kessler, Dr. Whitney Scott, Dr. Ashley Craven, and Dr. Thien-Lan Nguyen invite you to browse through our library to better understand how your vision works, common eye conditions, surgeries and how your vision changes as you age.

  • It may not be a complete eye care dictionary, but the EyeGlass Guide Glossary of eye care terms covers many of the common eye care conditions, terms and technology you’ll commonly discuss with your eye care professional.
  • Healthy Sight isn’t a slogan; it’s a way of life that enhances your everyday vision while preserving the well being of your eyes. Healthy Sight includes regular eye checkups.
  • Do you want to understand more about the marvelous human eye? Its engineering combines reflected light, lens imaging capability, multiple lighting adjustments and information processing—all in the space of your eyeball. When it functions as it should, the human eye converts light into impulses that are conveyed to the brain and interpreted as images.
  • Protecting your eyes is especially important if you work in a hazardous environment like a laboratory, construction zone or workshop, or if you participate in ball sports or extreme sports. Sturdy, shatter-and-impact-resistant eyewear is a must – children and adults alike need to protect their eyes.
  • Sharp vision is just one part of your overall eye health. Our Wichita eye doctors encourage you to have regular eye exams whether or not you wear glasses or contact lenses. The articles below explain what problems can be spotted with an eye exam at Kessler Eye Care, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contact lens fittings.
  • Children’s vision is very important for learning and development. We hope these articles will help you proactively care for your child's eyes, spot potential trouble, and create an environment for healthy vision for your little one.
  • Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Today, several surgical methods can correct your eyesight and, in most cases, give you the freedom of seeing well without corrective lenses. Learn about LASIK, cataract, and corrective vision surgery, among others.
  • Some of the most common eye diseases are cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Understand ocular diseases, how we screen for them, and how we treat them.
  • These articles will give you a basic understanding of some common eye problems and their implications. Basically, you should visit your eye doctor if your eyes don't look good, feel good or see well.
  • If you are among the 85 million Baby Boomers in the United States and Canada (born between 1946 and 1964), you've probably noticed your eyes have changed. Most notably, presbyopia - the normal, age-related loss of near focusing ability - usually becomes a problem in our 40's, requiring new vision correction solutions. Learn about measures you can take to keep seeing clearly for years to come.
  • With age, we often experience weakening vision - particularly as we reach our 60's and beyond. Some age-related eye changes are perfectly normal, but others may signal a disease process. It's important to recognize signs and symptoms, and perhaps even more important to mitigate the effects of aging with some simple and common-sense strategies.